The USA reported first death due to Ebola Virus Disease last week. Thomas Eric Duncan came from Liberia to visit family in Texas. He had fever and went to Dallas Presbyterian Hospital on September 25, 2014. Later he was diagnosed with Ebola Virus Disease. Duncan died on October 8, 2014. Two healthcare workers Nina Pham…

Fear of BREAST CANCER & Prevention.

Breast cancer prevention

Fear of BREAST CANCER & Prevention.Dr. Rajput. The fear of BREAST CANCER & Prevention is a real, genuine and natural concern of all women.  Breast cancer is the common cancer in female. One in eight women  will be diagnosed with it, in their life time. Each year about 220,000 females are diagnosed with  breast cancer and…

Frost Bite: Dr. Rajput.


Frost Bite: Dr. Rajput. This is FROST BITE winter season. Recently in New York, it is very cold. The mercury hit below zero in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.   FROST BITE   . The Wind chill factor is making Frost Bite almost inevitable. Meteorologists are explaining POLAR VORTEX. It becomes medically necessary to make people aware of the…

Back Pain Treatment Options:

Back pain treatment options

  Back Pain Treatment Options: What are your back pain treatment options? It depends on severity and time frame. If the back pain is excruciating,  unbearable and came on sudden, then you need medical attention right away. It is acute situation. However if the pain is mild, moderate and let you do your work, and persists  more…


Mibimal invasive procedure

 BPH Surgery- Dr. Rajput QUESTION about BPH surgery. ” What Prostate surgery or procedure will have least side effects of retrograde ejaculation, no semen and subdued climax? I have BPH and on Tamsulosin.” ANSWER: It is so real and genuine question that almost all of my patients ask it in one way or the other form….



Thyroid Nodule: Thyroid nodule is abnormal growth in thyroid gland. It is present in six percent of women and 2 percent of men. It can be cyst or solid. The thyroid gland is located in neck under the voice box and Adam’s apple. It consists of 2 conical lobes attached with ishthmus. It is attached with trachea…


Analgesic patch

  OTC: PAIN KILLERS: You do not need doctor’s visit  for OTC(over the counter) pain killer medications. You pick up medicine from shelf of pharmacy or super market counter, on your knowledge and risk. People treat their back pain initially. They use over the counter, easily available, pain medications, cream, ointment, gel, rub, balm, patch, muscle relaxant,…

BACK PAIN: Dr. Rajput


           BACK PAIN: (part one- causes) >        “Oh doc, this back pain is killing me!” I hear this almost every day. The back pain is very common problem . 90% of people have back pain at some times. It is a major economic burden on health care system. More than billion dollars are…



  Stress Test: QUESTION: What is a stress test, I mean for heart? Can you, please,  explain it to me? ANSWER: Very good question. Stress test is recommended for heart evaluation to lots of people. Stress test is also known as exercise stress test, graded stress test, cardiac stress test or simply treadmill test.  Stress Test…



Arrhythmia: QUESTION: My friend has Arrhythmia. What is this disease? Is it catchy or dangerous? ANSWER: Arrhythmia is neither catchy nor infectious. It can be dangerous  and fatal to the patient, depending what type of arrhythmia a person has. This is the answer to last part of your question. Now what is arrhythmia? It is irregular…



DEPRESSION: Lincoln had it. Churchill got it. Van Gogh committed suicide. It is depression. If search on google  for famous people with depression, you will be surprised that so many notable people suffer from depression. It is more common disease than you think. Famous or not so famous, rich or poor, young or old, man or woman, top…

ANEMIA-Dr. Rajput


ANEMIA ANEMIA: QUESTION: I am 27y and no pep. Always tired, weak, irritated. Friends call me pale and lazy. Some times heavy period. Went to doctor who told me you have anemia. What is anemia and its symptoms? ANSWER: Good question. Lot of females with heavy menstrual period have anemia due to blood loss. Other…

Hepatitis-Dr. Rajput


 HEPATITIS: Hepatitis is inflammation or injury to the liver by infection, parasite, drugs, toxins or ischemia. It can be acute when  lasting less than six months or chronic if lingers more than six months. The  VIRAL infection is the main cause of acute hepatitis and includes Hepatitis A, B,C, D, E, CMV(cytomegalovirus) , EBV(Epstein-Barr virus) &  …



Coronary Calcium Score Question: What is coronary calcium score? I had a CT scan and my total coronary calcium score is 102. what does this figure mean, bad, good or otherwise?  Answer: The presence of coronary calcium means hardening ( atherosclerosis) of heart arteries. Inside the  blood artery wall the fat, inflammation and calcium form plaque….

Killer Sun Heat-Dr. Rajput

sun heat

Sun Heat:Know the effect of sun  heat on human body causing exhaustion, stroke and death. Hot, it is very hot here in New York.  The scorching sun heat and oppressive humidity are making situation miserable. The temp. is soaring above 95F. Midwest states have more than 100F. The people are getting sick  and some die of heat stroke….

AIDS- Dr. Rajput


AIDS: HIV is for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and  AIDS for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. What is the difference between the two? HIV is the start by a retrovirus infection with flu like symptoms of sore throat, cough, fever, headache, diarrhea and rarely  neck stiffness. After the episode the virus remains in body many years without person…

RED URINE- Dr. Rajput


RED URINE: The change of urine color to red is significant event and should prompt the person to seek medical attention. Medically it is known as hematuria. It can be GROSS hematuria when there is frank visible blood in urine and MICROSCOPIC when found on urine examination by microscope. The urine color can change  by eating…

ECZEMA: Dr. Rajput


ECZEMA: Atopic dermatitis is also commonly known as Eczema. AD  affects about10-20 % of population and15 million people with dermatitis. It starts at infancy and remain in childhood to adulthood. Some children outgrow the disease. The disease has remission and flare up. It is associated with family history(80%) of AD, food allergy, inhalant irritants in…